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Headworks Area Panorama

Simbuwa River

Proposed Bunker Area, Tamewa

Proposed Camp Area

On the way to Intake

Margen Camp


About Us

Simbuwa Remit Hydro Limited

Simbuwa Remit Hydro Limited was established in the year 2020 AD. The Company is being promoted by Vidyut Utpadan Company Limited (VUCL), Hydroelectricity Investment Development Company Limited (HIDCL) and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) owned by the (HIDCL). It is a new concept which advocates that hydropower projects can be built using the remittance money and, the contributors of equity will get a return of the equity invested by them for a long period (like a pension) during the economic life of the hydropower projects. A sustainable livelihood of migrant workers is greatly linked with the sustainability of investments of their savings during their productive life.

Surya Prasad Rijal

Surya Prasad Rijal

Arun Rajauria

Arun Rajauria

Managing Director
Our Project

Simbuwa Khola HEP

Simbuwa Khola Hydroelectric Project is located in the Phaktanglung Rural Municipality of Taplejung district of Koshi Province, Nepal. The Simbuwa River is a tributary of the Tamor River. The Simbuwa Khola is a left bank tributary of the Tamor River and has a steep gradient from its origin to its confluence with the Tamor River.

Simbuwa Khola HEP

Salient Features


Catchment Area: 246 km2
Average Annual Rainfall: 2220.16 mm
Annual Average Flow: 14.76 Cumec

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Diversion Weir

Type: Broad Crested weir
Crest Level: EL 2335.0 m
Length: 17 m

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Powerhouse Cavern

Location: Left bank of Tamor river
Type: Underground
Installed Capacity: 70.34 MW

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